About us

It all began in 2000 when Juraj Liška went to Bogota to study. It took him two years to travel all around Columbia and to get to know perfectly the country`s environment and the mentality of the Columbian inhabitants. He captured all his experience in the book The Snow from Bogota (Sníh z Bogoty) which he wrote together with writer Jiří Roth. The book was published in 2004 which is also the year when the collaboration of this two men began.

They visit Columbia together every year and their journeys were the sources for new books – The Columbian Triad (Kolumbijská triáda) and Jorge Zorro and his Coffee Pilgrimage (Kávové putování Jorge Zorra) – and one DVD The Treasure of Cordilleras. They have menaged to get in a very close touch with many interesting people from both business and social areas. Among them is also an „Emerald Boss“ – the man who owns emerald mines and a large business. Liška and Roth made with him a deal about sale emeralds in the Middle Europe. These high quality emeralds have certificate.

The diversity, beauty and richness of Columbia can be seen in other products which are all available on this web site. The ethnic craftsmanship which is tied closely to the tradition of the original inhabitants is highly valuable. Hamaks, bags and jewelry made of natural materials are becoming more and more popular in Europe.

For those who would like to get to know the country by person there is a large offer of various trips on this web site. Led by both of our the experts you will be able to visit places which otherwise remain hidden. Enjoy your first touch with Columbia…

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